Friday, October 13, 2006

Deep thoughts

Actual thoughts from my last doctor's visit:

They really should get more plant life in here. It would brigthen up the room a bit. But then maybe they would get bugs, and that would be bad.

Hmm. This hospital robe's tag says that it's machine washable. That's good. I wonder how many times this one has been washed. Tumble Dry low, made in Pakistan. Wonder how much they pay people to make these things. Are they exploiting child labor in Pakistan to make crappy hospital gowns?

I think that's a spider. How did a spider get all the way up here? Are there many bugs for it to feed on? Maybe if they had more plants....

What a ugly painting. Do they think pastels are soothing?

Next time, I'll definitely bring a book. And some magazines.

I go to the doctor way too much.

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Juniper said...

This made me laugh. :)