Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pain, again

Labor is painful. Somehow, however, I truly did not recognize it or remember it being so. I kept saying to DH, "I don't remember it being this hard last time!"

He assured me that from where he stood, it was. Apparently I writhed in the same way.

With labor, though, the pain comes and goes. Yes, it comes and goes quickly, but there is some relief, even if it is just seconds. Also, when it comes to contractions, they ramp up, so you can feel them coming, you can feel them peak, and you can feel them ramp back down. Before I got my epidural, at the height of my pain, I would try to tell myself, "Just ride the wave, because you know that it will be over soon." And I almost felt myself forget the pain during the moments of relief. It's almost as if it was too much for my brain to record. I don't know where I learned that often your brain will not record pain, if it is severe enough. I'm not sure if that's a myth or not, but what I understand is that your brain tries to forget traumatic experiences as much as possible, and severe pain falls into that category.

Of course, when it comes to the question of why any woman would have more than one child, that theory explains a LOT.

So anyway, labor is over, and we are back at home, adjusting. My body is slowly morphing back into something resembling my pre-pregnancy self. And with that morphing comes, yes, you guessed it, pain.

Kidney pain. My old familiar, er, do I call it a friend? There was so much pain during my pregnancy, so many different kinds of pain, that my kidney pain sort of receded into the background.

Now, as I return to "normal", it's back.

I don't know if I should welcome it or not.


stephanie said...

This is such a strange disease ,I was talking to a woman who has had a transplant after her kidneys failed because of her cysts but she never had kidney pain ,not once and then there are people like you with big painful kidneys and full or at least good kidney function and me who has only a few cysts but had bad pain for a while and now just stabs of pain on and off that bring me to my knees in shock because they come with no warning. It is a very strange disease! We have no way of predicting how our bodies will react to it ,well I guess you could see that as interesting and individual, who wants a disease that is predictable and boring .lol.

Lisa M. said...

I have wondered, how that aspect of your recovery was going.

I am sorry it is all too familiar.

Anonymous said...


I have PKD as do my daughter and grand daughter. I am so glad that you are bringing this to the forefront. ;)

Too many do not understand PKD and what it is about. And, the discomfort that unfortunately comes with it. I also have liver cysts..and other assorted problems. ;)

My PKD was found after having a stroke..and because a so called Dr would not listen to me when I told him I had certain symptoms and didn't feel right. I was told it was stress? When it was uncontrolled high blood pressure from the PKD.

Anyway, Thank you again!