Sunday, November 18, 2007

There is too much urine in my life

My dog, Maggie. Behold.

She pees a lot. Well, all dogs do, I suppose, but my dog is special. She pees without even noticing it.

All over my carpet.

Special indeed.

The last time she did this, she had a bladder infection. I called the vet again, and she said it was probably incontinence secondary to hormonal changes that occurred when she was spayed.

Or her kidneys were failing.

So, in order to decide what to do with our lovely animal, I had to "collect a specimen". Yes, I stuck a bowl under my dog's bum to collect her urine, and then I stored it in the fridge until I could get it to the vet.

My husband had to audacity to say, "How do you know you have to store urine in the fridge?"

Trust me. I know.

Luckily, my dog will not need a kidney transplant. She simply needs some meds for life to counteract the hormonal reactions that are causing her incontinence. And, I'm happy to report that since we have started on this new pharmalogical regimen, I haven't had to clean up any urine at all.

What a relief.

I think this family can only handle one member in need of a kidney transplant, thank you very much.

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