Monday, September 22, 2008


The PKD walk last weekend was a huge success, unless, of course, you count the 10 heart stopping minutes where I couldn't find my son, and I suspected he had wandered off the trail to meander into a busy street (a suspicion that turned out to be well-founded, by the way), and was about to hunt down a ranger so we could organize a search party while I envisioned taking his limp body home to his father who would howl and wail and plead with me to make it not so, before he came toodling up the road after a nice motorist stopped and told him that his mother was freaking out. Yeah, other than that little blip, we were all good. (And it's a good thing I'm blonde, because I'm sure that little episode gave me several gray hairs.)

The total tally for my team (which consisted of me and my two children): $850. That's a big WOW. Thank you, thank you, and thanks again to everybody who donated to my team. It's truly amazing to me, and I appreciate it so much. Total tally for the walk was unknown, but I do know that it was close to $30,000, which isn't bad, considering this chapter of the PKD Foundation has been in existence for less than 5 years. We're movin' up, baby, and I say that with the complete confidence of a person who does no work whatsoever for the walk, and reaps the rewards of other people's efforts.

What can I say, I'm good like that.


RobMonroe said...

That's good news indeed. I got confused about too many dates for our local walk this year, but now I have the contact info for the coordinator. Next year I'm all in!

Becky said...

WOW! Congrats to you and all who helped out. Sorry you lost your son - I feel your pain, happened to me a few times. Definitely heart stopping. How are you feeling physically?

Di Hickman said...

Heather, any more updates? How is the vegetarian diet going? How are you feeling? My Mom is going on dialysis in a month or so and the reality of this disease has really set in with me. I mean compared to the 'average american' I am healthy but I could be better. I've lapsed lately. Especially regarding alcohol. Oh and how are the half marathon plans going?

Heather O. said...

Di, thanks for your question. I'm feeling pretty good, actually, although I chickened out on the half marathon training. What can I say, at heart I'm a wuss, I guess. I'm meeting with a dieticiam tomorrow to discuss my diet, so that I can really do it right. Up til now, I've just been stumbling around, trying to manage things myself, and I've ended up losing a lot of weight, which I think is mostly muscle. That's not good, so I want to know how to better manage my protein intake. And I'll confess--I'm a little tired of eating beans.