Monday, July 06, 2009

It is time

When I write that, I think of the baboon monkey in 'The Lion King', you know, the one that was voiced by Benson. I also saw that guy as the Phantom of the Opera. The Wikipedia article said he stirred controversy when he played that part because of his race. I think he stirred controversy because he kind of stunk.

But it's time to rebuild my body. I know I've said this before, and I know that I've even blogged about it before, but you have to realize that I blog with the best of intentions, and write down each and every time I exercise because I feel that if I blog about it, I will be motivated to continue. But I've come to find that a blog post is pretty lame motivation to go running when the alarm goes off at 6:30 and it's raining outside. Seriously, it's much easier than one would think to just say, "I'm tired, I'm comfortable, and there's no way in hell I'm getting out of bed. Screw you, blog" and go back to sleep.

And, of course, the beauty of the blog is that even when you say that, they are still waiting for you, forgiving and nonjudgemental. Blogs are WAY less judgemental than journals. I've found that journals have a huge judgemental streak in them, mixed in with just a pinch of mocking. It must be the paper.

Blogs are like dogs. You can kick them around, and they'll still come back, tail a'wagging. Okay, maybe not all dogs will do that, but Labrador Retrievers will. Blogs are like that. Like labrador retrievers.

But what I'm blogging about is no small spurt of exercise, documented by a day of pain and then no exercise for a week. I'm talking about a world of pain. It's a HALF MARATHON. Yes, I'm going for it. I've employed helpers to help me do this, too, 3 women who are not dog-like in the least, and will not have tails wagging if I leave them in a lurch at 7:00 in the morning. We did it today, and it was perfect. We're all slow and plodding, so we will all improve together. And chat our way through the pain. Girl talk is my favorite way to exercise.

Now, I'm not going to use this blog to document every moment of the training process, because I know somebody who does that and wow is that boring. Not that my traffic here is astronomical or anything, but I think I should at least put in more effort than to log my milage. I can do that other places. But I thought I should at least log that I'm doing it, as one more way to motivate me. Lame as a labrador it may be, but every bit counts.

In actual kidney related news, they are very big. But they stick out in such a way in my abs that I wonder if people just think I have ripped abs. Not that anybody really sees my abs, mind you, but I was in a swimsuit the other day, and my cysts had sort of shifted in the spandex to make a not-unattractive ripple through my torso. Sometimes, of course, my cysts make me look like I've taken one too many trips through the Krispy Kremes drive through, and that is less appealing. But sometimes, it's all fake abs, baby.

Too bad I don't have cysts other places to pose as muscle. There are some seriously freaky possibilities there.

Happy July, everybody.

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RobMonroe said...

Fake abs... now that's an idea!

Whenever I hear "It is time" I immediately think of that movie. Such great symbolism.

I keep trying to get some good reason to jump start my exercise, but I can't come up with anything. My commute just got longer last week and so it's going to be even harder to come home and pull myself away from the toddler. It's just so darned hard!

Best of luck with the running! I, for one, will look forward to updates on your progress! My sister lives in Richmond, so maybe I'll try to schedule a trip that weekend to cheer you on!