Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I can't do a side plank

I've been struggling with this exercise for weeks now, and I've given up. I can do everything else (with a little effort, and not without some resulting soreness) in all of the exercise classes I take, but side plank is impossible. It's not even a matter of not being able to keep up, or needing to take a rest. I. Can't. Do. Them. At. All. I was frustrated and discouraged, until it finally dawned on me that maybe it's because of my enlarged kidneys. My kidneys push out on my waist on the side, so maybe that's why my obliques (?) are so much weaker. And it makes me wonder if I will ever be able to do these exercises, or if I should even bother.

Or maybe I'm just lazy.

Nah. I'm going with bad kidneys on this one.

For those who are interested:

Can YOU do that??


Di Hickman said...

I have PKD and yes I can do a side plank but I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer. It's a matter of building up the endurance. Start of with the easy position first with knees bent, stacked and on the floor instead of on the feet, progressing the time held from 5 secs - 30 secs before moving to the elongated plank.

Heather O. said...

di, you are my hero.

Lisa said...

I'm 49 and was diagnosed with PKD at 26. My kidneys are still functioning well, but I have large cysts. I'm very active (run/workout), but find side planks difficult, too. I started on knees (like Di said) and some days I can do them and some days it feels bad in the kidney area. I also find certain twisting ab exercises difficult sometimes. I play it by ear and can just tell when I need to stop or adjust a particular exercise.

That said...I so proud of us for exercising! You go!!


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Adriana said...

I have PKD and have known since my teens I late 40's but still active as I was all my life just 'maybe' a little slower due to the 20cm kidneys on my small frame. I do Barre class twice a week which is like ballet and light weights/ planking (some crazy mix of fun) and I do struggle with a few parts that involve my abs now (I've developed a hernia above my belly button so I modify a few parts. Nevertheless, I will never stop trying. I love to hike and now feel flank pain but again...I will never stop until I fall to my knees! It keeps me feeling alive and in control mentally...of this very difficult incurable disease. I just found your blog (I belong to other PKD sites and educate as many people as I can one person at a time. Sept 4th 2014 is PKD awareness day. Teal is the new color for PKD which is one of my fave colors in my closet along with Turquoise :)