Sunday, June 27, 2010

As you can see, now I have birds

I'm not sure why I have birds, they just sort of appealed to me. I'm kind of lousy with this kind of stuff--colors, style, layouts, picking curtains, picking carpets, finding cute jewelry, etc. Pretty much anything that requires any kind of artistic eye, I suck at.

But I thought I'd check out some new templates, and there were the birds. They made me go, "Oooh! Birds!" So I picked the birds, and then fiddled around with the colors, and now you have this. I don't know if it's good, I don't even know if I like it, or if it's readable, or even very fun. I just know I liked the birds.

Some day maybe I'll figure it all out. I mean, it's not like I haven't figured out hard things before. For example, I can honestly say that after almost 20 years of applying make-up, I have the eye shadow thing down. I even recently learned about eyeshadow PRIMER, which keeps your eye shadow on ALL DAY LONG. Who knew?? Not me. So now, with a few tutorials from friends and family who have awesome eyelids, I can now say that for the past two days, my eyeballs have rocked. And after mastering eyeballs, mastering a blog is mere child's play.

Of course, twenty years ago, I also thought that bright green eyeliner applied to the actual inside of my eyelid put me in the awesome make-up group, too, so maybe I'm just deluding myself, and it will take another 20 years for me to figure out that I am, as usual, completely whacked.

In the meantime, enjoy the birds. And don't tell me if they're ugly. Eventually, I'll figure that out, too.

PS. I would TOTALLY take a picture of my eyelids for you all to applaud, but my baby, who happened to turn three this month and is way too big and too talkative and too interested in her own excretions to merit the label "baby", broke our camera when, in a shocking display of tantruminity, she ripped it from my hands and threw it across a room where it landed on a very very hard wood floor.

My excellent husband, however, has turned this travesty into an opportunity to exercise his love of all thing gadgetry, and has spent the last few weeks perusing the internet for a camera that will FIT OUR NEEDS, because OUR NEEDS of all things photography are so VERY high. Needs like NEEDING to post a picture of my eyeshadow on my PKD blog. So very high indeed.

PPS. actually, we do have an event coming up that could actually use a high end camera, but I am not ready to post about it. No, it's not a baby (I WISH!), but something very cool anyway. When the details are in place, I'll tell you all about it.

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