Wednesday, March 16, 2011


That's what the doctor thinks. I have a PT appointment on Friday, so we'll see.

Monday, I ran 4 miles, and felt great. Monday afternoon, I was wincing from the pain. Monday night, I almost couldn't sleep, it was that bad. Wow.

Yesterday, I didn't do a lot--ran about one mile, with some walking. I was actually in the middle of a photo shoot (can I use that word if there is one photographer snapping pictures of me running?) for an upcoming article about me in the local newspaper. Our new head of our local PKD Foundation chapter is trying to raise awareness of PKD, and asked if he could send my name to the local paper so they could do a spotlight of somebody who is living with PKD. I agreed, and it's been kinda fun.

But that meant they needed some photos of me working out, which meant more running, which means more pain today. And I've learned that when one thing in your body doesn't work quite right while you run, you unknowingly compensate, throwing off your stride, etc. So the result is that this morning, not only is my leg burning, but I've got all kinds of weird twinges in my back. Blerg.

Last night, I was complaining about my leg, and my husband started complaining about HIS legs (he was recently diagnosed with bursitis, and had to go through his own round of PT about 6 months ago), and we started laughing. Old and creaky, that's what we are, and neither one of us is even 40 yet.

I tell ya, exercise, especially running--it's a bear. Maybe it's a sign we should give up running and take up shuffleboard instead.

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