Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trying not to get fat

My appt went pretty well the other day. Creatnine is up, but not by too much. If I continue to progress this slowly, I might have 20 years before a transplant. But of course, I have no control over my progression, so I'm not sure that means very much.

My neph looked at my belly button, and told me not to gain any weight. Unfortunately, I DO have control over that, and I guess the take-home message is that if I don't want my belly-button to enter the room before the rest of me does, I have to cut down on my regular trips to Chick-fil-A. That, and start running again. I'm giving myself 6 months before starting up completely again. It's been about 4 months since I stopped, and while my hamstring still hurts now and then, I'm hoping 6 months of inactivity is enough to get it healed. I'm also going to look into Hot Yoga--anybody ever tried it? I heard from a PT that it's good, especially for tendonitis. Lots of heat, lots of stretches, all good things for a chronically impaired hamstring. Like I said, I'm looking into it, and I'm trying to justify the cost by telling myself that PT would cost as much and do less.

Not that I'm speaking ill of PT, just that in my case, it wasn't the magic bullet I had hoped it would be. I learned some good exercises that I still do, though, so I guess that's good.

I'm extra tired lately. Does that mean anything?

I'm off to Boston in a few months. After a summer of traveling, getting on another plane sounds like torture, but at least it's a short flight, and I can schedule it so I can go up and back in a day. Usually I try to drag it out and do something with family and friends in Boston, but at this point, I'm mostly interested in spending as much time in my own bed as possible.

That sounds like I'm lazy. Maybe. I'm going to blame my kidneys, though. Except for my expanding thighs, crappy kidneys can pretty much be blamed for everything. Like I said, before, having PKD is all about finding the perks.


RobMonroe said...

Day trip to Boston? That sounds like "fun" in my book!

I have a feeling I'm going to get the weight conversation when I got see my new nephrologist in September. I'm convinced of it...

Heather O. said...

And now the ad on the sidebar is on surgical weight loss. Gotta love that logorithm, or, um, whatever.

cran said...

I'm a somewhat new reader who also has pkd. I have known about it since I was 19 and am now almost 47. Last fall I had surgery for dialysis access but so far I am stable enough to not use it. The fatigue factor seems to come and go randomly but I know anemia does play a part in mine.
Just wanted to introduce myself, say hi and offer encouragement!

justin_81 said...

Dear Heather,

I have a similar comment at cran... I was diagnosed with PKD at 16 (I'm 29 now) and have been on hypertension meds since then as well. I haven't really thought much about my condition until recently when I had a scare with some really elevated muscle enzyme levels. It got me thinking that I need to do some more research and take my condition more seriously. I've also recently started to be much more physically active but my nephrologist has advised that I halt temporarily. Your blog gives me encouragement that I can be fit, active, do resistance training and live with PKD. Thank you very much and good luck with your training.

Be healthy!