Saturday, January 21, 2012

To post or not to post

Today I spent some time on the PKD Foundation's FB page. I'm so glad they have this page, because 1)it's a sign that the PKD Foundation is moving with the times (seriously, when I got diagnosed, nobody I talked to at the PKD Conference had even heard of a blog) and 2)because it's a great dumping ground for good stories and questions and stuff. Plus, you can connect with other PKD folks in a non-threatening, non-creepy way. (Unless you ARE threatening and creepy, in which case, please stay away, thanks.)

Anyway, today, I came across something fun. Somebody has put up an AWESOME picture of some polycystic kidneys:

They are kinda gross, so don't click if you don't have the stomach for it.

I "shared" it on my own personal FB page, hoping that it could explain why you can't just remove the cysts, which is one of the non-stupid questions I often get. I mean, it seems logical, if cysts are growing on something, why can't you just go in the and lop them off?

This picture, gross as it is, explains why that doesn't work. Worth a thousand, no, a million words.

Even if the million words are "ewww", said a million times. I'm cool with that.

But I thought about it for two seconds, and took the picture down from my page. I figured there was no way that I could put something like that up without a warning for my peeps. It's kind of like the time when another friend posted a picture of a gnarly cut on her husband's leg that was, granted, stapled up and stuff, but was also red and oozing. I'm definitely not the squeamish type, but it was just so in my face in my newsfeed, I was initially taken aback.

So I figured I would spare the poor souls who don't have the stomach for shocking kidneys.

But I think I'll put up a link, though, and see who clicks in. I bet I could tell you EXACTLY who would get excited about geeky anatomy stuff like that.

I know I do. Get excited about anatomy stuff, I mean. Yes, I'm a geek.


Todd Civin said...

Hi Heather,

How are you? I am writing a book with Rick Hoyt and he suggested I get in touch with you to ask if you would be interested in contributing a chapter of how you were impacted by Rick, your thoughts, opinions and stories. I've read some of the previous entries from your blog and we could certainly use your writings from that with your permission. Or perhaps you would like to share something fresh and new. Rick is writing a good portion of the book with my help but we are also reaching out to friends and acquaintances from his past and hoping they will help tell his story in their voice as well.

Please let me know if you would like to participate. Thank you, Todd Civin

Todd Civin -Team Hoyt Social Media Director
Email -

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Rob Monroe said...

Wow - "eww" is right! I'm glad that "all" I have is FSGS and not the cysts you have. Puts your pain into real perspective, that's for sure. (and thanks for the heads up before I clicked through - that would have caught me completely off guard! :)