Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Just finished listening to the PKD Foundation's webinar about recent research. Interesting complex stuff.

2 things Dr. Cowley said that we can do right now, while all this cool research is going on:

1)Drink lots of water to reduce kidney stones, UTIs, and the production of vasopressin (I had to google that. I suggest you do the same, because I doubt I can explain what it means).


Dr. Cowley didn't say these were magic bullets, or really that there are definite clinical implications for these two things, but common sense and logic has led folks to these conclusions.

Noted, Dr. Cowley. I'm off to drink some water.


Rob Monroe said...

I drink lots of water, but can't give up my iced tea. I have tried, a lot, but just can't kick it. I've given up so much else already, please let me keep my tea! :)

stu said...


Drink decaf tea! The whole water and decaf stuff isn't anything new or remarkable. Also, carbonation isn't good either. But, everything in moderation, no?

As far as drugs, there isn't much progress beyond the tolvaptan (vasopression) and this other drug that is an inhibitor.

Do you guys also find it depressing when you see ads for 50 Susan G. Komen events in one weekend and we're lucky to get 1 a year?

Heather O. said...

Breast cancer is sexier, affects more people, and has been around longer. Plus, people get to say "boobs" a lot.