Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer update because I'm not sick, just busy

Somebody commented that they hoped I was okay, because they missed my posts.  That totally made my day.

Generally speaking, I've been blogging for a long time now, and some days I get a little burnt out, and somedays I'm just busy, and somedays I think that most people are just thinking for the love of a biscuit, just SHUT UP already, nobody cares what you are thinking anyways.

So, it's nice to be missed.  Thanks.

This summer has been good.  It's rolling me down like a freight train (but in a good way, you know?), and I can hardly believe it will be over in less than 6 weeks.  Do you know what that means, y'all? That means is less than 6 weeks I SEND MY BABY TO KINDERGARTEN!  I bawled when my son went, and I was led to understand that when your last goes, you cry tears of joy.  But I'm so mixed up about letting her go, and so sorry to see her go, and so sorry that there isn't another little one at home, that I think it will be a hard day.  And I know I don't post pictures of my kids because I have this irrational fear of predators stalking my blog (because of the 9 people who read this regularly, ONE OF YOU COULD BE A TOTAL CRAZY PERSON), but you gotta know, my daughter is this little tiny person with a high-pitched voice that, if anything, makes her look tinier, and the thought of her on that big 'ol bus without her momma makes me start to weep afresh every time I think of it.

I'm a total sap.  That's okay, you can say it.  I'll own it.

On the kidney front, I go up next month to see Dr. Steinman, and we'll know then how much, if at all, my numbers have changed.  My local neph changed practices, so all of her appts were kind of messed up, and I'll admit that I let my annual appt time come and go.  I'm a bad, bad patient.  I'll try to see her in the fall, when I will have so much free time because, oh, did I mention, MY BABY WILL BE IN KINDERGARTEN.

I'm not running either.  It's hitting triple digits outside lately, so I'm hot and lazy, and plus, I think I overdid it when I was trying to come back from my injury, so my body went, "Whoa, lady, slow down!" and now it's going, "Whoa lady, exercise? Pshaw. Like that's going to happen."  Again, I'm thinking that September will be a good time to get my exercise mojo back because (say it with me) MY BABY WILL BE IN KINDERGARTEN.

My husband has been in Alaska fishing with his dad for the past week, and I'm trying not to hate him for having fun without me while I deal with doggie diarrhea and never-ending swim meets.  (Yes the dog poop on the carpet was one of the parts of the summer that wasn't super fun.  The smell, however, DID hit us like a freight train when we returned to the house after Maggie had done her deed, so my previously used analogy (simile?) is still valid.)

I also got 3 tickets in less than 3 months, which was super fun, too.  2 of them were for speeding, and one was for having an expired inspection tag.  The 2 for speeding, though, were like something out of science fiction.  The first one, the cop was on the OTHER SIDE of the highway (seriously, like 4 lanes of highway traffic separated me and him) and he was PARKED in a parking lot, facing the highway.  I knew I was speeding, and I did see the cop, but the person in front of me was speeding even more than I was, and the cop was FOUR lanes of traffic away from me.  How on earth could he possibly even track my speed, and know that it was me speeding, and not the other twelve billion cars on the road?  Well, he said he had some kind of new laser technology that tracked my speed, although it must have tracked the person in front me too, as that driver pulled over when he saw the cop behind us, too.  His conscience must not have been too pricked, though, as he skedaddled right quick when he saw that the cop was coming for me instead of him.  Can't say I blame, him, really.

The other ticket came from an automated photo thingie that took a PICTURE of me speeding, and sent it to me in the mail.  How can they tell from a picture?  There wasn't even a cop around.  I told my husband, an attorney, that I had the right to face my accuser, and how can I face a machine?  I said I was going to FIGHT IT, you know, STICK IT to the, er, um, man-made machine.

He shrugged and said, "Fine. Fight it. You'll lose, though."

I was getting all huffy at him about that--lose?  NEVER! and then I looked at how much the speeding ticket was.  40 lousy bucks.  It would probably cost that much in gas to go to the courthouse (I was caught about 100 miles away from my house, while visiting my parents), and certainly cost that much in sanity points.  So I didn't fight, paid the $40, and succumbed to the system because I'm lazy.  It also made me want to move to there, though, because my other ticket was a whopping $120, and if I'm going to speed (as apparently I am wont to do), I might as well do it in a place where speeding tickets are cheap.

So, let's see.  Kindergarten angst, speeding, dog diarrhea, Boston, and swim meets---I think that sums up my summer.  We have some more traveling with family to do, and we've got one more swim meet to live through, and then we'll have some chill time before the world cools down and my kids have to start bathing on a regular basis again.  They may be stinky children, but I sure do love being their mom.

Happy summer, everybody.  Stay cool. See you in the Kindergarten class.


Rob Monroe said...

I'm sending mine away to Kindergarten as well, but I can't wait! She has had too much time at home over the last eight weeks and needs structure back in her life! :)

Good luck with the transitions!

Anonymous said...

So glad to know you and yours are fine! Even so getting those tickets stinks!
I still remember when our twins began Kinder. I do recall that tightness in the middle of my chest! They were ready then as they are now when they begin middle school...but I was not nor am I now!
Enjoy the rest of the summer and be well!