Thursday, February 21, 2013

Take two lisinopril and call me in the morning

The blood pressure, it is bad.  Well, not super bad, but not super good.  It could be that I'm officially lazy, having never quite recovered from my forced exercise hiatus last year when I broke my foot, or it could be that my progressive kidney disease is, well, progressing.  As I told a friend today, it's not unexpected, because PKD is indeed a progressive disease, but it's always kind of a bummer when things get worse.

So now I'm on 10 mg of lisinopril instead of 5mg, with 40 mg of Telmisarten, the drug from the HALT PKD study.

The double dose makes me feel lousy.

Maybe I should get off my meds and just run a marathon instead.

(HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Sorry, had to laugh at my own joke, there.)

The dose was changed at my last appointment with Dr. Steinman up in Boston.  My appointment coincided with the WORST STORM EVER AND WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE moment in New England history, and because of the impending doom of winter storm Nemo (when did winter storms get names? Were they jealous of the hurricanes?) everything was pretty rushed.  I did end up getting stuck smack in the middle of the storm, and even had to spend the weekend in Boston.  Luckily I have some excellent family members who live just outside of Boston, who took pity on me and put me up for 2 and a half days.  The snow was insane, and for once the weather guys had it completely right.

Boston.  Always an adventure.

I didn't get to see my kidneys this time, either.  The tech didn't have time to show them to me, which in a weird way was disappointing.  What's the point of sitting in an MRI for two hours, freezing your butt off while you stay perfectly still if you can't even see the pictures they're taking?

Oh well.  Maybe next time.

In other non kidney news, we got a puppy last month.  We are officially insane.  My goal is to make him a therapy dog, and he was getting excellent marks in his obedience class up until last night, when he acted various scenes out from Marley and Me.  He's getting big and powerful, but is still puppy-ish and goofy, all of which adds up to maximum destruction.   At least he's soft.

My son, a rising 6th grader, wants to homeschool next year.  I have always said that if my child ever wanted to leave the public school system, for whatever reason, and homeschool, that I would always make that option available.  Well,  to my surprise, he's cashing that option in, and I wonder how on earth I thought I could do it.   May God have mercy on my soul.


Rob Monroe said...

Wow - starting to homeschool at 6th grade is a brave choice on his side of the coin. Good for you for hearing him out!

The only thing I am on is Lisinopril, but I'm on it a LOT. 80mg twice a day a lot. I go from totally fine to completely lightheaded in no time. I go back to my neph in a week so I need to figure out if the lightheaded spells are worth not being on something more intense...

Congrats on the puppy!

Cameron VSJ said...


I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?




Heather O. said...

Rob, 80 mg twice a day? That IS a lot! Wow! I can't even imagine. Or maybe I don't want to....