Sunday, September 10, 2006

Let's Get Walking!

If you don't know already, the WALK FOR PKD is taking place next week, on Sept 17th. Go to for information about a walk near you, and get those walking shoes on! Ok, if you would really rather just sort of sit at home, or something lazy like that, help us out anyway by clicking on "Sponsor a Walker", searching for my name, and going from there. Like Liz has said before, cough up a dollar now so I don't have to take your kidney later.

Seriously, we would love to get any and all support from everybody, just so we can get some good research going and beat this disease. I don't want my son to have to have a kidney transplant some day.



Lisa M. said...

Good luck on the walk.

I think it is such a great idea.

Really neat.

Heather O. said...


Thanks for the support! I really, really appreciate it.

aabiera said...

Thanks God it was successful...