Sunday, September 03, 2006

Caffeine. It's not just all in my head.

I've mentioned before that I've given up caffeine. I had read that it can exacerbate and aggrevate the cysts, causing them to get bigger. No doctor has given me this medical advice, I just found the facts on the oh so reliable source called the Internet. And, seriously, if you can't trust the Internet, who can you trust?

My initial symptom was numb toes. I haven't had numb toes since I gave up caffeine and cut down on my chocolate intake. Chocolate makes my kidneys hurt, but I still indulge, just because I can't give it up completely. But I pretty much quit caffeine cold turkey.

Lately, I have been feeling really good. I am exercising more than I ever have, and I am literally in the best shape I have been in my entire life. My pain is significantly lessened, and it has made me realize how much pain I was actually in. So, physically, I have been feeling great.

I recently went on a short road trip, and began to feel dangerously sleepy while driving. I weighed my options, with my son in the car, and decided that the easiest and best thing to do would be to make a quick stop at Wendy's and get a small Diet Coke. I figured any side effects on my kidneys was a better option than crashing into something as I fell asleep on the road. I got my drink, and waited for the familiar pain I get when I eat chocolate. Nothing. I felt encouraged when I lasted the whole day without feeling anything, and at dinner, I indulged in some chocolate ice-cream.

I drove home that night, alert and buzzed from the contraband caffeine and chocolate ice-cream, with numb toes.

I guess it's real after all. Huh.


aabiera said...

thanks for this information about the caffeine thing.i think that causes my cyst to grow faster.

Aimee said...

Up to 2 cups of coffee a day is probably ok, studies have now found. I got this info from Kelly Welsh, she spoke @ the Anaheim Conference in 2005.