Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's all about the numbers

Good news. Blood pressure is behaving, and creatnine levels have dropped. BP was pushing past 140/85, but seems to have stabilized at 132/75. Phew. Creatnine level is also at a .77, which is a low. Not sure how we got there, but nobody is complaining. Just last month we were talking about BP meds, and thinking that the disease was progressing rapidly. Now there's no more talk of that. My doctor said, "Well, your body is just not reading the book." That's literally the second time a doctor has said that to me, and the first time it was not a good thing. But this week, it was a good thing. This week, the world looks bright.

I have another 24 hour urine test scheduled in January, with an ultrasound to measure the cysts and any growth since last year. Let's hope we're not reading the book again.

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