Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm a hodge podge

Ultrasound #432567.

My doctor is checking the baby for stress, good fluid levels, and healthy growth. The tech doing my ultrasound was being trained by a woman who usually does my ultrasounds (yes, they all recognize me now). I asked about the baby's kidneys, which led to a discussion of my kidneys, which led to her investigating them with the ultrasound because hey, we were there.

She was amazed, just like all the others.

Then the doctor on call came to look at the ultrasound, just to double check everything. She is not my doctor, but actually is treating a woman who also has PKD. This doctor was particularly concerned about my liver, as the other woman's liver was so large and polycystic, it was pushing up against her diaphragm, and she was having trouble breathing.

I related that sometimes when I am lying in certain positions, that happens to me too, although I was initially told it was because my kidneys were pushing up against my ascending aorta, slowing the blood supply to my heart. This doctor checked out my kidneys fully, and I was surprised to see that my uterus has displaced them completely, and that my right kidney is nowhere near where I had thought it was.

"Wow, I'm kind of a hodge podge in there," I said, looking at all the images on the screen.

"Yes, I can see that. You certainly are," the doctor replied.

Seriously, how often does a doctor AGREE with you when you call your insides a "hodge podge"?

It's a great word, though, don't you think?

1 more week....


Rob Monroe said...

I called myself a "stupid idiot" for trying a diet without consulting my nephrologist about 16 months ago.

He wholehearted agreed.

Congrats on the impending birth!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are doing so well!!! I had some bloodclots a couple years ago and the late night ER docs came in to take a look at my cysts... there was something funny to me at the moment.

Heather O. said...


I'm curious. What was your diet that made you such a stupid idiot?

Rob Monroe said...

My wife lost 45 pounds on the South Beach diet. You know, low carb high protein. The high protein blew my potassium levels sky high. It was rough for a couple of weeks to get my body back up to snuff.

Heather O. said...


So I guess South Beach isn't a great option for us, huh? I'll keep that in mind!