Thursday, December 13, 2007

What's your drink?

Take 2 at the grocery store...

Ok, this time I was only shopping to get stuff to make homemade chicken noodle soup for a friend. Not for me, I promise. I did taste it, just to make sure it had that chicken noodle goodness, but I didn't pour a bowl. Be proud.

Anyway, in addition to the bullion cubes, basil, and oregano, I found myself filling my cart with random beverages. Chocolate soy milk, vanilla soy milk, oooooo, that pomegranate juice looks interesting. Wow, banana colada with 8 essential vitamins and minerals? Yeah, gotta have that too!

It wasn't until I found myself putting tangerine sparkling water next to the sparkling pink grapfruit juice that it dawned on me.

I was splurging. Obsessing over beverages. Because I can.

I can't have soda--too much caffeine and/or sodium. I can't have a lot of chocolate, because for whatever bizarre reason that makes my cysts hurt. I can't have any canned foods (again the sodium issue), and now all carnivorous goodness has disappeared from my plate.

But damnit, I can have pomegranate juice. And whatever else the beverage industry wants to tempt me with. So bring on the tangerine orange banana pina colada grapefruit carrot juice cocktail. I'm buyin', baby.


Di Hickman said...

You wanna talk bizarre? If I have lime my cysts hurt! I literally have pain for 24-48 hrs after having it. Including lime in drinks. Do you KNOW how much food contains lime?
Also be careful of the carbonated beverages, they make it harder to retain calcium

Anonymous said...

I think you were just dehydrated while shopping.

Heather O. said...
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Heather O. said...

Me, a nursing mother, dehydrated? Impossible :)

Di--odd about the limes. I've never heard that. To each her own, eh?

Meg said...

Hey.. Just looking around on the PKD foundation and came across your blog. Im glad I am not the only one who has problems with chocolate.. Crazy isn't it?!

Heather O. said...

Hi Meg! Glad to see you. Chocolate is a weird one, I agree. But my flank pain is lessened when I don't eat it. I did help myself to some serious truffles this Christmas, though. Some things are worth it!