Friday, December 28, 2007

What does one of Utah's leading cardiologists say about vegetarianism?

He's a fan, actually.

Not that he's treated me, or anything, but he happens to be a member of my family, and I got to chat with him at Christmas.

Unfortunately, he agrees with Dr. Steinman that cutting back on meat is a good idea. He did, however, confirm my own suspicions that cutting back too much on protein in my mid 30's is a recipe for early onset of osteoporosis, so he said focus on plant protein and eggs, with meat maybe once a week.

Dang it.

The whole vegetarian thing proved to rather tricky this week, what with ham on Christmas Eve, roast beef for Christmas dinner, and a family trip to Hires, a restaurant in Utah known for its giant burgers.

Veggie burgers made of barley just don't match up to the Big H.

All of this advice, of course, is coming from doctors who are not actually my own personal physicians. As good as they are, I am not actually under their care. My SIL pointed out this week that I need to really sit down with somebody who knows exactly what my numbers are, figure out where I'm really at, and make a cohesive diet plan from there. I agree with her, and I am looking forward to doing just that in January after my annual renal ultrasound and full panel of bloodwork.

I probably still won't be able to eat a Big H, though. Oh Hires, I never really knew thee. (sigh)

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