Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How to make your 5 year old eat Chick Pea Masala right after he told you it looks like dog poop

Tell me him will make him toot.

Promise him a tooting contest with his father.

Appeal to his innate competitive nature and tell him the more he eats, the more he’ll toot, the easier he’ll beat his dad.

Get out of the way as the cloud of flatulence erupts over your dinner table with your two ‘boys’ laughing like maniacs.

Wonder if you should be a proud momma when your son yells, “Hey, FART and TOOT are SYNONYMS!”

For those of you who wondered, J won. 9 to 4. Yes, score was kept. But at least my boy’s plate was nearly clean.

I think I”ll go rent a chick flick now.


Rob Monroe said...

Hopefully this will work on my daughter when the time comes, too!

Heather O. said...

I dunno, Rob. It might not work with girls. They are wired just a bit differently. Thank goodness.

Amy said...

So weird to read your blog. I have a sweet baby, had serious PKD-related pregnancy issues and just went meatless myself. I'm glad you are writing!

Amy Greer said...

wow, well whatever works right?