Monday, April 07, 2008

Yearly ultrasound

I got to see my spleen today. Last year I was pregnant, so they couldn't locate my spleen with ultrasound. So now I officially know where every organ is inside my body. Neat.

The good news is that the kidneys seem to be a stable size, which means that they haven't grown since the pregnancy. To me, the kidneys seemed to have more cysts, and looked more misshapen, but we all know that it's size, not shape, that matters.

So, that's over. I don't have to look at my kidneys for another year. Too bad. I always like being a good educational experience for others. And you know, it's always good to get acquainted with one's spleen.

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The Orton's said...

WOW! How are you Heather? I knew it was you before you mentioned your last name. So cool that you found me! I've added you to my list so that I can check on you often. Sorry to hear about this yucky PKD stuff. How did you find out about it? How many kids do you have? Great to hear from you!!! Keep in touch, K? Love and hugs!!! Becky