Thursday, May 15, 2008

Creatnine .8

Which isn't really all that bad, considering normal levels are around 1.0. But given the fact that 2 years ago, my creatnine was .5, well, that changes things. My nephrologist told me that I have lost 30% of my kidney function in the last 2 years.

Those are some sombering numbers, baby.

So, I'm not exactly a math student, but if I continue to lose kidney function at this rate, I'm looking at a trasnplant BEFORE I'm 40. Bummer.

Although, I suppose that if I'm young enough, they might be able to give me liposuction while I'm under. Maybe some Botox, some collagen--you know, just shoot the works.

Looking for a silver lining here, people. Just looking for the silver lining....


Di Hickman said...

Hey Heather, glad for an update. My Mom has to start dialysis soon, her kidneys are failing :( She goes in for her fistula in June, then will start dialysis soon after. Last tested her kidney function was 15% and she's dropping approx 1% each week. My uncle just got his results back and he's dropped significantly in the last 3 months so he has to be rechcecked monthly now.
PKD sucks!

The Orton's said...

Botox? Liposuction? Not YOU!! You are forever young. Sorry to hear about the numbers. Good for you though for always trying to see the silver lining. You are a great example to many.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through the PKD Foundation.

There really is no way to determine the progression of PKD,nor the rise of creatinine. I tried doing that, and it turned out that dialysis was several years past when I predicted. In other words, don't try to predict.

Every PKD patient is different. My sister, who is almost 2 years younger than me, ended up on dialysis with a kidney function of 18%, and yet I held off dialysis until my GFR was 5%, although it was 8% for close to a year without having to do dialysis, and a kidney cyst rupture/infection plummeted it to 5%.

Hang in there. I was devastated when told I had PKD (devastated due to what I had seen my mother go through in the mid-late 70's), but things have changed, and overall, it wasn't that bad. I did dialysis from August of 2007 until 2.5 weeks ago. I got a transplant on May 3, and am doing great.

Good luck.

Liz said...

Yeah, levels change, and can hold steady. My mom is at about 9-10% and still hasn't had to start dialysis because her kidneys are functioning well enough for now. even though she was initially told She'd initially been told she'd have to start when her kidneys went under 15%. Oh yeah, and her levels have been holding steady about a year now after steadily declining before that.

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog. Sorry to hear about the bummer numbers, but glad you are keeping a positive attitude. And as other commenters have said, the numbers are all individual. I think my kidney function was at 10 percent for a year-ish and I probably could have continued, but my aunt donated a kidney to me. And now, even with the transplant, my creatnine is 1.

Keep smiling!