Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm a dope

I was in the garage today, looking for some stuff in the freezer, when I came across my 24 hour urine collection jug. (Man, why does that thing always end up in the garage?) I took it out of the bag, along with the order the doctor had put in, the one about the lab work I was supposed to get done and the 24 hour urine sample I was supposed to submit BEFORE my appointment tomorrow.


I called the lab today, because, as it happened, I was fasting today, because our church fasts on the first Sunday of each month. I needed to be fasting for one of the lab tests (the lipid panel maybe? I dunno--I can't keep track anymore), so I figured I Was in good shape to run over there, get it done, ready for my appointment tomorrow.

The lab was closed. Which is probably just as well, because even if I could get a quick blood draw, I can't exactly produce 24 hours worth of urine on command.

Seriously, I'm a dope. What is my nephrologist supposed to do with me tomorrow if she doesn't have any lab results? Nothing, is the real answer. So I have no choice but to change my appointment, which may mean I won't see the doctor until 2025. And I can't wait to call and say, "Sorry, I need to reschedule. Why? Um, I forgot to collect my pee."

On a good note, I'm heading to Boston next week for yet another round of testing at Beth Israel with Dr. Steinman, and I'll have an entire hospital room to myself for 2 days. I bought a cheap laptop for this very reason, so I can blog, waste time on Facebook, and catch up on some digital scrapbooking I've been putting off while my husband deals with getting kids to school, lunches, and cleaning grass stains off of baseball pants.

Good times, I tell you. Good times. I love Boston in the spring. Maybe I'll see some ducklings.

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RobMonroe said...

Been there, done that! The only thing worse is when the lab has your test a week in advance (or two weeks, one time) and does not transmit the info to the nephrologist before your appointment. I have had that happen three of the last four times I've gone.

Hope you're well! Facebook time wasting is the best!