Friday, October 21, 2011

Pain, once more with feeling

The group of women I used to run with has sort of fallen apart. Pregnancies, new babies, job changes (which took two of my best girls to a whole other city. Stupid jobs) all contributed to the dissolution of the group. One of my friends, though, wants to get back in shape after giving birth, and the easiest way to do that with a new baby is to work out at her house. The easiest way to do THAT is a video.

Our video of choice? P90X.

We started on Monday. Chest and back with something called "ab ripper".

It is aptly named.

The day after we did the ab ripper, I could barely move. That's not all that big a deal, it happens when you do something you aren't used to. But what WAS a big deal was the pain in my abdomen was specifically centered around a spot in my lower right quadrant. From my many imaging sessions, I know there is large cyst there, perhaps the largest one among the many. I figured the tenderness was muscle pain, and moved on.

Except that I COULDN'T move on. Normally, with just regular out of shape muscle pain, it's manageable once you warm up, but trying to work out again, there were some moves that were too excruciating to do.

This lasted until Thursday. I woke up, and was in so much pain it hurt to stand up. I stayed in bed as long as I could (until about noon--yes, my daughter trashed my house), and then reluctantly tried to massage the pain away. I faithfully met up with my friend to do another round of p90x (it's a different muscle group each time--we haven't repeated the ab ripper yet), and was pleased to see that we were doing yoga that day. Hard, kick your butt yoga, but still, something that would stretch my sore muscles.

As I stretched, my lower abs were still painful. And not in the "wow, that feels good to stretch because they're sore" kind of pain, the "Hmmm, I'm not sure I should be doing this" kind of pain.

I wondered if it was a ruptured cyst, but I would think I would notice some blood in my urine. My urine is normal. So, I'm still hoping it will go away.

Today I ran for 30 minutes. Never before have my kidneys hurt DURING a run. Running is my saving grace, the one thing I can count on to take my pain away. Halfway through, however, my abdominal pain kicked in, and hurt with every step. It's less than it was yesterday, and it didn't stop me from finishing my run, but I was surprised to feel it.

So, I'm stumped. Massage doesn't help, exercise doesn't help, rest doesn't help.

Blerg. Again.


cran said...

Poor thing! Just a share for you: I have sporadic stabbing pains in my kidneys, not frequent at all. Last year I woke up to find I could hardly breathe because of intense pain on my right side. I was terrified that it was appendicitis. Turned out to be a cyst on my LIVER---PKD usually comes with liver cysts though they do not affect liver function. Anyway, this one had been bleeding. Pain Meds didn't help, resting eased it only a little. I had to stay off my feet as much as possible and after about four weeks it was completely gone. Everyone is different, of course, but if you aren't certain of the source of your pain you should probably go to the doctor.
So far it was just a one-time occurrence. Good luck and let your readers know how you're doing!

massage addict said...

Consult other specialist and don't let your condition worsen.

Anonymous said...

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cran said...

I meant to say, too, that I have NEVER had blood in my urine, though my nephrologist asks at every checkup. Nothing visible, anyway. Hope you're feeling better.

Rob Monroe said...

Oh wow- sorry I'm just getting to this - how are you doing now? Hoping that you are back to your norm!

Evelyn Theresa said...

Oh, are you okay? Did it go away or are you still living with it? Did you ever get it checked out?

Heather O. said...

Thanks for everybody's concern. Sorry about the delay with an update, but yes, I'm okay. The pain eventually did go away, soon enough that I didn't consult a doctor. I'll bring it up with Dr. Steinman, though, when I go up for the study visit next week.