Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kidneys and Eyes

Eyes, eyes, eyes. It's all about the eyes. In the last 4 months, I've dropped almost $1000 on vision stuff. It sounds like a lot, and it is. 3 eye appointments (me, my son, my daughter), 2 new pair of glasses (a pair for me and a pair my son), a year's supply of contacts (for me, but my very active sporty kid isn't far behind), and prescription swim goggles for said sporty kid all add up. Fast.

And today I found out that my daughter needs some special attention because she has extra eye issues that go beyond just the typical myopia and astigmatism that so plagues our family (although it looks like she'll have those, too. Of course). I have an appt with the leading pediatric ophthalmologist in the area in a few weeks, at 7:30 am. The office is 40 minutes away. Oy. But the optometrist who helped me get that appt said, "Keep that appt, come hook or crook." Never mind that my daughter is a chronic night owl who regularly sleeps past 9am (do not ask me how I managed that, her brother got up at 5 am for years, and still rarely sleeps past 7:30.). It usually takes months to get in to see this doctor, so 7:30 am on a Tuesday it is. Good thing Little Sister's eye issues are more pronounced when she's tired.

If it's not one thing, it's another. I'm grateful that our family's issues are so mild, that they require so little in terms of correction. Bronchitis (yup, we all had that, too), pink eye, broken bones, they are all fixable. Even if Little Sister's problems require surgery, it will be a minor issue that we will get through with manageable cost. And my foot is feeling much better. I ran a mile on Tuesday with only minimal pain, which I have a feeling is going to be my baseline for, well, forever.

But I'd like to go one month--just ONE MONTH--without seeing a doctor. So far this year we are 4 for 4.

So, to sum up 2012, we have:

6 different doctors (2 eye doctors, 1 pediatrician, 1 ER doc, 1 podiatrist, 1 orthopedist)
5 prescriptions (Vicodin, antibiotics x2, prednisone, and albuteral for bronchitis)
4 eye appointments
$300 walking boot
2 pairs of new glasses

And a partridge in a freakin' pear tree.

(Okay, not that last part. I just made that up for linguistic hyperbole. Plus, I also realize that "$300" doesn't exactly fit with the countdown, but I couldn't think of anything that came in threes, so just go with me on that. I'm trying to do something here.)


Alison Hyde said...

I had some sapsucker woodpeckers peck holes in a ring around my Bradford flowering tree, so I have, truly, as it has grown since then, a part ridge in a pear tree.

Glad you're getting her checked out. Our pediatric opthalmologist is the one who finally found our daughter's cataract at age 7. She had bluffed her way through all her vision screenings, trying to faithfully answer the questions about what was on those eye charts. At age 9 the brain would have shut down that eye forever.

Rob Monroe said...

That's not awesome at all - sorry. I agree, glad that the issues seem minor in comparison to what they could be. Still sending good thoughts for your VERY early morning. (It would not be in my house, but I understand some people like to sleep...)

christmas loan said...

I feel bad for her. I know she will get better sooner.