Thursday, April 04, 2013

Kale makes you poop and other stories

I'm trying to revamp my other blog,, and I'm getting into serious code/server/Yeti territory.  I have no idea what I'm doing, so mainly I'm just clicking on links and texting people things like, "Hey, what does PHP mean, and do we have any of it?"

In the process, I'm digging out stats for both blogs, which include google searches that lead people to the bloggy goodness.  I ask the question, how do people get here? And the answers are always, ALWAYS awesome.

Mostly people get here because I send them here, either through a link at Mormon Mommy Wars, or from Facebook (I am nothing if not shamelessly self promoting.).  The other big lead is if you google "PKD Blog", mine comes up on the first page.  That's kinda cool, actually, although it also speaks volumes about how little there is online for folks like us.  Bit by bit, I suppose.

What made me really laugh were the following searches:

Does kale make you poop
Kale and poop
Can kale help you poop
Does kale make you throw up

And my very favorite:

Flatulence and PKD

A few folks want to know about depression and PKD, but mostly, people want to know about kale.  And poop.

Which is understandable, really.  Everybody likes kale, right? I like kale, and I like to talk about poop.  I have an excuse, though--I have two kids and two dogs.  When you have two kids and two dogs, your life revolves around poop.  And you know you are kinda letting the poop win when you find out the lawn guy has dubbed your house "poopville".

Yes, we are *that* house.

(Wait, did I even mention I got a new dog?  I did. He's a puppy. I'm insane.)

Yes, that's a fence, yes, he's bigger than it, yes, he has figured out how to open it.  After the dog escaped the 4th time, my husband finally lashed the fence shut with a leash.

He's not really a dog, he's more like a moose.  A big, dopey, lovable, slobbery moose.  I'd say he's a dumb moose, but he did figure out how to open the back gate before he was even a year old (yup, he's only 7 months old in that picture.  Did I mention he's a moose?)  Our black lab, Maggie, has lived in that backyard for almost 7 years and never once opened that fence.

She's kinda dumb though.  And really fat.

She did, however, figure out how to buckle herself into the car, so maybe I ought to give her more credit.

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