Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On a bulgur quest

Time to report:

BP--down about 10 points.
Weight--Down about 7 lbs
Legs--can now run 3.6 miles with my girls at a reasonable pace without complaining. Mostly.

This healthy diet and exercise stuff might just be true. Dang it.

I am attempting to make Schehezerde casserole (I think that's how you spell it) tonight, and it calls for 'bulgur', which apparently is a mainstay of vegetarian diets, and hoo-boy, do I feel silly for not having the foggiest idea how to get me some of that. I'm going to be an optimist and hope that it's in the organic section of my local supermarket, but as last month I made the manager hunt all around for some garam masala (yes, I did. I know, so embarrassing), I'm not too keen on making him scrounge me up some bulgur. I'll have to brave it on my own. After all, I don't want some stranger to think I'm the wacky whole food organic lady who only eats things most people can't pronounce. I have my reputation to consider.

(Again, I have no idea what that means, but just go with me here.)

Can anybody give me any clues to help further me on my bulgur quest?


Melanie said...

I had a roommate who used a lot of bulgur, and it was similar to couscous. I think you could substitute couscous in a pinch, and it's probably on the same aisle at the store, near the rice.

Di Hickman said...

yep look near the rice, cous cous type products. As a vegetarian for 15+ years hardly eat any bulgar wheat!
Oh and for Garam Masala check your local indian foods store. We have 2 Indian stores here and both sell it. Though each blend is different (thats what GM is a blend of spices). I have a great recipe for Aloo Matar if you want it! mmmm, might have to make that tonight now!

Heather O. said...


Any and all recipes are welcome and encouraged!

Just curious--how come you don't eat bulgar wheat? Any specific reason?

SusanS said...

Both couscous and bulgur from wheat. Can't remember difference in how processed. But as I recall couscous is not as "hearty" as bulgur. Don't even need to cook, just soak in hot water. Couscous is mild. Great salad made with cucmbers, onions, usually mint, I think tomatoes.

Reluctant Nomad said...

I have a great tabouille (ok, I slaughtered that) recipe Heather that calls for bulgur (Kathy has one too). I don't remember ever having to search too hard for it, but I can't remember exactly what store I found it at. I'll find the recipe and send it to you after I get back from my trip on Mittwoch.

Katie Kilpatrick said...

Came to you from another site, Cheryl. I like your style. Anyway, my sister has Kidney Disease. I am not sure it is as progressive or exactly the same. Her has something to do with the tubes. If she gets strep, it is bad news, so we are really careful about that. Anyway, she has really turned things around with excercise and diet. Which is good and kind of stinks at the same time. She runs all the time (recently swam from Alcatraz to SF...she is a little crazy, but no steroids). She also tries to be low protein and low gluten (which is hard because low gluten=low taste). Anyway, I also have cooked from Moosewood. We ate the Cauliflower Casserole and it was pretty good. My kids asked for seconds, which is not a usual thing in my house. What does that say about my cooking? Hmmm. Anyway, we were looking for Garam Masala the other day and found it at Whole Foods. If you have Whole Foods nearby, they might have it.